Teens On TikTok Think The Side Part In Your Hair Looks Terrible

There are so many generational divides over huge issues like healthcare and climate change that it’s easy to forget about all the smaller cultural battles being fought. Some are so small that one of the generations has barely heard about it. Recently, millennials finally became aware that Gen Z has a huge problem with how they wear their hair: they are firmly anti-side-part.

This had apparently been the message amongst Gen Z teens for some time, but they mostly discuss it on TikTok. Writer Jessica Valenti managed to discover and tweet about it, awakening the older generation to the contempt younger people feel for the way their hair falls:

One teen bravely crossed enemy lines to explain that one reason Gen Z hates the side part is that they think it’s a look for Republicans, and Democrats generally wear a middle part. Personally, I’ve had the exact opposite observation, but maybe I’m just too under the spell of the side part to see clearly. 


On TikTok itself, there are a few different trends around hair parting. One was started by TikTok user @ladygleep, who notably has curly hair and no visible part at all in this TikTok where she encourages people to change it up and look at how much better a middle part looks on them:


When I don’t have bangs I rock the middle part I swear #BeautyTutorial #fyp #middlepart

♬ Middle part baddies – lady gleep

A number of people have used @ladygleep’s audio to show how the experiment turned out. It should be mentioned that they’re all pretty young with blessedly symmetrical features. Little do they know what time will do:


♬ Middle part baddies – lady gleep


Reply to @_ashtroworld_ my hair said no❤️ #fyp #4u #sidepart #middlepart #fypシ

♬ Middle part baddies – lady gleep


what do u think? #ColorCustomizer #fyp #foryou #sidepartmiddlepart #foryoupage #hairstyles #middlepart #sidepart #LittleVoice #ScienceFair #Teleport

♬ Middle part baddies – lady gleep

Aside from these experiments, there are also plenty of TikTok comedians who simply mock the people who wear side parts and various other popular hairstyles associated with millennials:


me: a millennial who rocks the middle part to hide my bald patch from the side part #genz #millennial #hairstyles #hair #BeautyEssentials #sidepart

♬ original sound – Nikolai


POV: you have to make a choice every day. #TooManyShoes #NotTheOne #sidepart #chooseone #pov #funny #relatable #foryou #fyp #foryoupage

♬ magic by 1d – maya consiglio


There is no looking back – ever again. #sidepart #middlepart #middlepartchallenge #hairstyle2020 #sofiathefirst #glowupwithme #fyp #foryoupage

♬ Weeeeh – …


It’s hard to keep up with the times, especially when you have a widow’s peak. Don’t let the teens bully you, millennials. Wear your hair how YOU want to, and vote blue!

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