Two Strangers Who Met On TikTok Actually Got Married

Gunner Michels, a 24-year-old videographer, created a viral sensation on TikTok. In the video, which has passed over 1.3 million views, Michels announced, “I want to marry someone from TikTok.”

Gunnar continues: “I’m going to fly me and you — wherever you are — out to Las Vegas, where we will get married. I think people take life too seriously, and I’m just here to prove that it ain’t that deep. Life’s a game, let’s break some norms.”

Gunnar’s only stipulations were that his wife be over 18 years old, she tell him where she is from, and explains what sets her apart from others.

After scouring hundreds of emails and DMs and FaceTime interviews, Gunnar gave himself a deadline. And then came Danielle.

Danielle Ellinad applied via her own TikTok post that pulled in over 7.6 million views and turned the entire thing upside down.

“I know I have to be the one to take this crazy adventure with you because nothing in life has ever been that serious to me and I’ve always wanted to get married in some crazy stupid way,” she said. “Plus, instead of flying to Vegas, we could just road trip down in my ambulance that I live in…and I could even just pick you up on the way. We’re only here for a short amount of time in life, so why not do whatever the fuck we want, right?”

Millions of people watched their story and their comment sections were ablaze with support for Danielle.

TikTok / danielleellelele via BuzzFeed
daniellelele / TikTok via BuzzFeed

After FaceTiming with each other, both TikTokers set their wedding date for Feb. 14th.

Danielle shared her family’s reaction with BuzzFeed: “Well, at first I didn’t actually think I would get picked, so it was just kinda a silly ‘what if’ thing. But then I was chosen and the questions started rolling in. My mom loves the situation, she just wants me to live life in whatever way makes me happy! [However], my dad came upstairs with a shotgun when I told them Gunnar was coming to meet them, ha.”

Both TikTok pages became heavy with wedding montages. From wedding dress shopping:

TikTok @danielleellelele

To wedding bands and suits:

@Gunnar.michels / TikTok

And, of course, the bachelorette party:

And bachelor! Don’t forget him!

They took viewers to Vegas with them too. When Danielle was asked about taking a road trip with a stranger, she said, “I wasn’t too concerned because it seemed like we both had similar views on life and we’re both relatively chill. Plus, I had already driven across the country once with my brother’s friend living with me 24/7, so I figured if I can do that, then this should be a piece of cake!”

After the six-day trip, their wedding day arrived.

“The whole goal of this shenanigan was to be spontaneous and have fun while making genuine connections with people,” Danielle said.

She continued, “I do care about Gunnar for sure, but love is a strong word. [After the wedding], we’re probably gonna hang out in Vegas for a couple days, and then after that, who knows?!”

Gunnar said of his feelings, “My relationship with Danielle has been super confirming that life is, in fact, a game. You can play it however you wish, with the people you choose. No matter where we’re at, Danielle, near or far, just know I’ll always be there for you.”

Their followers are eager to see where their love story goes.

@gunnar.michels / TikTok via BuzzFeed