Woman Begins Insulting Her Friend After She Refused To Lend Her A Bachelorette Dress

The subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars is popular because the posts highlight delusional scammers who are always trying to get something for nothing, and then insisting that something be the best there is. Often the people in the stories who are supposed to look bad claim to not have the funds for whatever it is they want, but also insist the person on the other side of the deal do an enormous amount of work to accommodate their unreasonable demands. This story from u/TheBreakUp2013 hits all of those points.

Posted under the title, “Wife’s Choosing Beggar Friend Begging for Clothes for Vegas Bachelorette Party Even Though They’re Not The Same Size,” it has everything: an inconvenient request, a past story of bad behavior, name-calling, and someone with a nice car, but no clothes.

The CB asks her friend if she can borrow a particular black dress for a bachelorette night in Vegas, to which Wifey responds no, very politely, saying she was planning to wear it herself. The CB responds, “Come on… don’t be stingy. I reallllly need it. I don’t have anything to wear.”

When the Wife again says no, the CB calls her “rude” then asks what else she has that the CB could wear. To that, Wife answers that she is packing light.

via Reddit

That’s when things start to really go off the rails. Wife asks, “Excuse me?”

“You heard me,” the CB answers. “Don’t you have anything else I can borrow for the trip.” When the wife defers, saying that the CB must already have stuff to wear, the CB responds, “You know money is tight as a single mom…plus I love your clothes. Come on. Throw something nice in for me.”

That’s when it comes out that Wifey has lent the CB clothes before and it took months to get them back. She had to pay the postage and they were all stretched out. Guess they’re not the same size? This did not go over well.


This quickly escalates into an argument about baby weight, Peloton memberships, and the CB’s new car, which is a Lexus for the record. But it’s a lease, the CB insists! Then she calls her friend the c-word, which always rounds out a good fight over clothes right before a weekend away together.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the Wife’s response to that, but I’m guessing it’s gonna be a wild bachelorette.


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