‘That’s not even enough to cover gas’ — UberEats Driver Breaks Down In Tears After Getting Tipped $1.19 For An Hour’s Work

An UberEats driver and TikToker recently posted a controversial video to the platform regarding tipping your delivery drivers. The heartfelt video explaining how he got tipped $1.19 for an hour’s work caught the eye of 1.5 million people. He began his video, tears streaming down his face, by saying, “I wish people knew what it’s like to deliver for UberEats, Postmates, DoorDash, all these companies. I just spent an hour driving around for a $1.19 tip.”

Many delivery drivers for popular food ordering applications such as these have been coming forward in hopes of earning fairer wages. The truth is, most delivery drivers are making less than the minimum wage, given that they mostly rely on how many tips their customers give them. Sometimes, employees will get $2-$5 as a “service fee” from the app, but when most customers see this fee at online check-out, they assume they no longer need to tip.

The recent TikTok uploaded by food delivery driver Smithson Michael (@its.smithsonmichael) has gone viral for highlighting these income issues many food delivery employees face.

uber eats driver makes $1.19 tip after driving for an hour tiktok
its.smithsonmichael via TikTok

Smithson continued to talk about how the economics of working for food delivery service applications is ultimately not worth it: “That’s not even enough to cover gas. How am I supposed to survive like that. Homeless, I’m there.” He then gestures to the vehicle he’s recording his TikTok in. He continues:

“This, that I’m sitting in, it’s gone. Four months behind there’s no way I could pay for that. Everything fell apart I mean I haven’t been able to sustain myself provide for myself. And these are essential service I just wish people knew what it was like I wish they understood what it was like to drive for these services.”

After viewers responded with support as well as backlash, the creator added another comment beneath his video saying, “This video is to raise awareness for all workers in the food industry that aren’t being paid what they are worth. We will win!”

The TikTok of Smithson, an UberEats driver who broke down in tears after getting tipped $1.19 for an hour’s work can be seen below:

One TikToker, @myhartspace wrote, “I always tip well but let’s be real.. Corporations are to blame.” To which Smithson responded with: “Notice their total silence- my point in making the video exactly.” The majority of viewers sympathized with Smithson on his situation. Some even sent him money to help him out.

Most viewers agreed that corporations were at fault, while others reminded customers to not order delivery if you can’t afford to tip.

tipping food delivery drivers
food delivery driver cries after not getting tipped
food delivery driver cries after not getting tipped
ubereats driver in tears after no tip tiktok
ubereats driver in tears after no tip tiktok
ubereats driver in tears after no tip tiktok
ubereats driver in tears after no tip tiktok
ubereats driver in tears after no tip tiktok

The viral video was posted a little over a year ago. Since then, Smithson has stuck with his UberEats job and received tons of support from his followers and viewers all around the globe. Despite his sad video, he seems to be keeping a good spirit on the situation.

What are your thoughts on tipping food delivery drivers and how major corporations such as UberEats are handling how they pay their employees? Keep in mind that gas prices are generally at an all-time high right now. Meaning, a $2.00 tip couldn’t even cover the cost of one gallon of gas, not to mention the risk of driving your own vehicle and the damage and/or extra mileage that could affect it.

Let us know what you think!