New Tiktok Trend Has Awkward Guys Moving To The Top Of The Dating Pool

Move over sexy, musclebound cool dudes. Your time in the sun is over. It is the dawn of the awkward guy. Well, according to Tiktok anyway.

The new trend with young ladies on the Tok is making thirsty videos with shy, nerdy guys as the target. I’m not sure how much of this is actually true, but I’m sure the chronically awkward will take it.

Leaving Awkward Moment GIF by The Great British Sewing Bee - Find & Share on GIPHY

Here are some of those Tiktoks:


Then they don’t talk to other girls >> 😊😊

♬ Originalton – sp1eedsongs


this is kind of an exaggeration… or not #boyfriend #headoverheels #dating #relationship #bf

♬ original sound – Tears For Fears



♬ original sound – imag9_ – imag9_

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