People Are Sharing Things Guys Do To Act Cool That Just Make Them Look Douchey (20 Posts)

There are plenty of toxic behaviors that people tend to think are “cool” even though they’re not. You probably know a coworker, acquaintance, friend—or more likely frenemy—who thinks they’re God’s gift even though everyone else thinks they’re kind of a jerk. Typically these people tend to make other people feel bad in order to make themselves feel good, but other people tend to notice that kind of thing.

Recently Redditor finleyg113 asked, “What do people think makes them look cool, but actually makes them look like a douchebag?”

And the responses are great examples of what not to do if you want to be liked.

1. Pretending

Pretending to know or be something when actually having no Idea.


2. Non-literate pride

Being proud of not reading a book since high school.


3. Bullsh-tting

I have a coworker who has the “gift of gab” and is very proud of his ability to give people false assurances while being extremely vague, essentially just bombarding them with words until they’re satisfied. It’s a useful trick, I suppose, but when you hear him do it in real time, you realize he’s just a very good liar.


4. “Body count” bragging

Constantly telling people about the women they’ve slept with or were otherwise involved with. I knew a guy like this in college, he was one of the most obnoxious dudes I’ve known.


5. Putting people down

Being an a**hole to other people to boost your own ego


6. Joking that goes too far

“It’s just a prank bro, It’s just a prank!” – said by every douche about to get their a** kicked because they pushed too far.


7. Treating servers like servants

I’ve had dates who were dismissive / slightly rude to servers and it was a huge turn off.


8. Trashy oversharing

Endlessly talking and bragging about their “private lives.”

I had a real d-ck of a boss who once said “man it wasn’t yesterday I got laid with that woman” after a customer left, which made me and my colleagues somewhat uncomfortable, he also talked about how his wife better show those “TTs” for everything he does.

I’m not interested and I think it is super trashy to talk like that.


9. Gossiping

The ones who don’t know how to get attention so they start gossiping about everyone. And I’m like I know your life is not interesting but please have some respect for others and for yourself.


10. Alienating people for laughs

Picking on someone in a group and trying to get everyone else to laugh at them. Not in a hey! everyone’s joking around kind of way—in a “being a nasty piece of work and embarrassing the person” kind of way. People like this suck.


11. Spoiling things

This is very specific, but I once knew a bloke who thoughy he was cool for not liking Game of Thrones, which is fine, but would then post spoilers of it on social media along the lines of “I don’t watch or care about Game of Thrones, but X died in the most recent episode, unlucky if you saw this”. I fell victim of it once and I literally thought my blood was boiling. I was so angry. The lesson here is probably to stay off social media before you’ve seen the most recent episode of a show you love…. But still…. F-ck that guy.


12. Vandalism

Vandalizing rocks, trees, etc. in parks and nature preserves. It takes you out of the experience when you’re scanning a gorgeous landscape and your eyes land on ‘butthead + dingdong forever’ in bright colors


13. Singling out outsiders

Picking on weird kids


14. Doing it for the clout

Doing something nice for someone and video taping it for clout.


15. Music snobbery

Gatekeeping a music artist like they discovered them and are the whole reason for their success. Don’t get me wrong support the artist but don’t be that asshole that determines “who is worthy” of a common trend.


16. Bragging about flunking

Failing school does not inherently make you a douchebag, but bragging about it as if it’s something that is cool isn’t the best presentation of character either.


17. Being “tough”

Teachers who are proud of many of their students not passing, if I ever get a teacher like that maybe I should ask why they are proud for being a bad teacher.


18. Policing drink orders

People who tease guys for drinking “girly drinks”. If a guy wants to drink a Strawberry Daiquiri let him drink it in peace. You know what is manly? Drinking whatever the f-ck you want without giving a shit what people think.


19. Gatekeeping

Gatekeeping a fandom or hobby. “You aren’t a real fan of XYZ band if you started listening to them after this album”, “You’re not a real beer drinker if you don’t like IPAs”


20. Reckless driving

Drivers weaving in and out of traffic like a maniac with no indicator. Putting other people in a situation where a (fatal) car accident can happen. No regard nor respect for other people.