Petty Choosing Beggar Brags About Taking $0.50 To-Go Fee Out Of Server’s Tip, Gets Dragged By Town’s Facebook Group

If you enjoy laughing at oblivious d-ckholes Reddit’s Choosing Beggars subreddit is one of the most entertaining places on the internet.

In a recent post there titled “I have never felt more proud of the people in my town’s FB community group” a member showed the ignorance and selfishness of someone in his local Facebook group and the excellent response of the community. 


The entitled eater in question was so outraged that he or she was charged 50 cents when picking up his takeout that he stiffed the restaurant by not tipping at all.

It’s never acceptable to punish overworked and underpaid waitstaff for some disagreement you have with their company policy, but it’s even more egregious during the COVID-19 crisis when businesses and workers are struggling mightily.

However, in a surprise twist, the Reddit community didn’t agree with the OP’s take on the situation, and most people sided with the “choosy beggar” in this situation. Basically people just really hate hidden or unexpected fees on principle. 


This isnt being a choosing beggar, or a beggar at all? It’s someone who’s pissed they had to pay extra on something that’s normally customary. I’d be pissed too.



Nah, this is bullshit. Nobody tips for to go orders and nobody charges for to go boxes. The price of a to go box is so marginal that it’s usually included.



Why would you tip for a to go order? Also what would be the % considering the service you get is being passed your food and nothing else



So you have “never felt more proud” when someone threatens to contact someone’s employer to try to get him fired, simply because he – completely reasonable imo – complained about being charged more than what was agreed upon?

Is this really the world you want to live in?



Okay but who charges people for to go boxes? Like for real I worked for years in restaurants and not one ever charged anyone for a to go box.

This isn’t a reason not to tip the server (but pick up orders wouldn’t mean a tip for the server anyway) but this guy might as well of just come in, sat down, ordered it all and asked for a box right away and its likely they wouldn’t have charged him 50 cents but still would have given him a box.



As a former server, I would never have expected to get a tip for pick up orders. I mean in this case if anything it should go to the cooks as my work is two steps. I doubt that the server got the 50cent tip. That went to the owns pocket. Yes, if you want to tip your server go for it, even more so when you are sitting in but as a take out that is and should be up to the customer 1000%.

For a resto to charge for take out items is low. They are not having to pay for a server, a table, and are providing a free spot in the place for someone to sit down and have a bigger meal. It is a win-win situation for the resto. Naw take out charges are just not ok.



Aren’t supplies just seen as, idk, operating expenses? I don’t expect to be charged for napkins when I dine-in



Sorry but the restaurant is the bad guy here. I’m not paying a to go charge because of the virus.



I think it’s a bit short sighted to charge for the to go box (when I dine in a restaurant they don’t charge me separately for my napkins and having to wash my plates and cutlery and glass and wash the table down and vacuum crumbs off the floor at the end of the night and so on). It requires more waitstaff which are paid actual wages in addition to tips. Overall it seems like it would be a lot more expensive for the restaurant for me to sit and eat than get takeout and that overhead should be priced into the food not a separate charge

But that’s not the wait-persons fault and shouldn’t impact their tip either way… it’s generally pretty crap to take out your frustration about restaurant policies on staff who have no control over it



who tips on a pick up order?



In Australia, this would be considered ridiculous. The price is what the price is.



This is bullshit I get were in a pandemic but I was at a place that had charged an extra 8 dollars as a service fee in a restaurant. My thinking was ok that’s a lot but if the wait staff get the money then I’m ok with it. Nope turns out they didn’t see a dime of it, it went straight to the boss. I won’t ever go there again and don’t recommend it to anyone I waited way to long for the food to only be charged more.



its only 50 cent but also why? I don’t pay for the pizza box my pizza comes in at least I don’t know I do, its called cost of operation and should have been built into the cost of the food not tacked on after, it would avoid this whole mess



I love people who defend a shitty business practice like charging for to go. There is no justification to the 50 cents whatsoever get rid of it put it elsewhere.



Sorry no.

No restaurant owned or operated by an business savvy individual should ever put a charge for the box on a to-go order. That is called overhead, you wouldn’t put a charge for the water or electricity used in making the order.

Tipping is for the staff and should have nothing to do with this. No matter how you cut it bad business decisions like this impact the staff’s tips not the business’ bottom line.



Yeah I’d be kinda pissed off too, these fees should be included in the cost of goods

But I sure as shit wouldn’t get self righteous and post on Facebook about it, I’d just be a little annoyed while I eat



I think this is more r/entitledbitch than a choosingbeggar. It’s disgusting regardless. It’s fifty fucking cents.



I dont get why complain about 50 cents, than yes dont eat out. I mean in my country its totally normal that you pay for an order to go. They provide us of a knife and a fork plastic but they still provide us of it, you can also get sticks.

Here we pay 50 cents for, the plastic forks and/or the sticks & the plastic bag. It is not cheap for companies to buy those things. But when you dine in you do not pay for those things because well you dine in. Maybe its just something my country does and no one cares. But ye.



I don’t know, this seems kind of stupid to be honest. There’s already operating expenses on dine in as well that aren’t individually charged. The logical thing is to just roll that cost into your food prices.



Im not familiar with this restaurant, but $11 for bread sounds like way more of an issue than $0.50 for a box.


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