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You Probably Wouldn’t Wanna Marry Any Of These Horrible Spouses (12 Pics)

Do you ever look back on an old relationship that got pretty serious and think… THANK GOD I made it out of that one. You’re not alone my friend. We see it all the time—someone finds a partner they were sure was “the one” and they end up being the absolute worst. And yet, they’re sticking it out. SMDH…

As you thank your lucky stars you didn’t get stuck with that piece of trash, check out these folks who are calling themselves out for being exactly what to avoid in a relationship.

1. She plotted for a new engagement ring before she even got the first one.

2. She doesn’t tip because she expects her chardonnays to be free because her partner is in the military.

3. She expects more allowance from her man than her taller slimmer sister gets from hers.

4. She sabotaged her man’s boy’s weekend.

5. She’s mad her boyfriend went back to his… wife.

6. She left her husband for … his father?!

7. She’s mad she has to split her husband’s money with his daughter when he dies.

8. She made a list of “getting back together” demands.

9. ALL the military spouses expecting even more for free.

10. He wants more but only when he says so.

11. He’s mad she dug for coupons so she could feed the family.

12. She’s mad she got an Apple Watch.