Married Couple Allegedly Sends Invoice To A ‘No-Show’ Wedding Guest And The Internet Is Raging

I got married at the exact right moment. Well, the exact right moment concerning COVID restrictions (June of 2021).

The right moment according to my wife (and my parents) was likely 6 or 7 years ago. Still, I feel good about the wedding and I hold no grudges against anyone who couldn’t make it, whether there were travel restrictions or not!

That said, most of the people we invited showed up. The people in this story, however, were not so lucky.

According to HuffPost writer Philip Lewis, a couple recently sent out an invoice to all the no-shows for their wedding reception.

While I agree with the sentiment, I’m not sure about the execution. Luckily, more opinionated people on the internet are out for blood. 

First, though, did this actually happen? According to our good friends at BroBible, yes, maybe. A couple with those names did get married on that date. And Phil Lewis is a reporter, so hopefully, he did some fact-checking.

I can confirm that I wanted to do this for the people who canceled the week of the wedding, but alas, I didn’t have the stones. Surely, if I had the thought, someone actually did the deed somewhere.

Here are the best reactions to the couple who invoiced their wedding guests who skipped the reception $240:

1. Legally speaking, you’re correct.

2. That’s what the budget is for, some say.

3. More to the point.

4. Others, however, think the worst sin is not showing up.

5. A nuanced view.

6. For some reason, I think pitching “how about a BBQ?” wasn’t going to fly in my house.

7. This person took a side.

8. People want to shame the invoice-senders but who is the real victim!

9. Let me tell you how they do it in Canada.

10. The right solution.

11. Truth.

12. You owe.

13. Yep.

14. A third is a lot.

15. S**t happens is my motto for the marriage itself.

16. Important to remember no one owes you anything and you should have planned better.

17. Comes with the territory.