There’s An AirPod Feature That Lets You Eavesdrop On People From A Completely Different Room

If you’re one of the lucky individuals who make enough money to afford to buy some of those cool, wireless headphones all the kids are wearing—you’re in luck. Besides the fact that you’re safe from having to untangle headphones for the rest of your life, you also have the freedom to spy on people who may be talking about you from a completely different room. You know, just in case you were paranoid that someone you live with (like your siblings) were talking sh*t about you.

So, when your boyfriend invites his friends over and you’re worried they’re talking about how controlling you are, or if you’re interested in seeing your friends say things about you once you leave the room.

Here’s how it works:

Go to Settings on your phone and then click on Control Center. Then, click on Customize Controls—this allows you to pick and choose what settings and apps you can use when your phone is locked. Add the hearing feature to the control panel. When you click on it, it’ll come up to turn off “live listen.”

The only way it works, however, is if you leave your phone in the room while you leave and have your AirPods on you. For those who like to be sneaky and spy—congratulations, this will be your new favorite thing.

But, of course, Twitter is wilding out with theories of how to use it.

Good luck y’all.