The Cameras On The iPhone 11 Are Giving People With Trypophobia The Creeps

There are well-known phobias, like arachnophobia and claustrophobia. Being afraid of spiders or small spaces are common fears. Also, arachnophobia has a whole franchise of films about it. A less frequently discussed, but widespread, phobia is trypophobia.

Maybe the reason trypophobia isn’t as clearly understood as a fear of being buried alive or something is that it’s hard to explain. It’s like, you’re really afraid of holes, I think. Or of holes within holes within holes with little things inside. A beehive would be very scary to someone with trypophobia, for example, but not because they’re afraid of bees—they’re afraid of how the bees in the honeycomb look.

Yeah, I don’t get it either and obviously the designers of the new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max didn’t. They probably wouldn’t design a phone shaped like a giant spider, but they did design their cameras in such a way that people with trypophobia are getting seriously triggered:

There are three lenses and what looks like a flash and maybe one more tiny lens? It’s basically a bunch of holes, and to someone with trypophobia, it’s like looking into a personal nightmare:

It’s a little silly. I mean, you probably aren’t going to buy ten Pro Maxes and line them up to look like a bunch of dominoes. And refusing to buy one of these phones won’t necessarily protect you! After all, the cameras are supposed to be pointed away from your face.

At any moment, someone else could point those scary holes at you, using their Pro, even if you don’t have one. Terrifying. Just like this image, for some reason:

The waves of people complaining about how the phone disregards their trypophobia have got people looking to see if they have it, or if it’s even real:

Ah, the Internet. Where there’s always one more reason to freak out.

Maybe Androids will finally get the upper hand on Apple, unless they go with that spider design I suggested. Meanwhile, someone should get on this trend and make a three-part film anthology on lotus seeds, pockmarks, and air bubbles in pastries. That will have the audience SCREAMING.

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