25 Bridesmaids Share The Most Psychotic Thing They’ve Been Asked To Do For A Wedding


I was a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding a couple years ago and what happened at her wedding still amazes me today. So many things went wrong it was if it was a movie. Our mother didn’t like the man my sister was marrying so our mom decided not to come, then the cake got sent to the wrong place and did not get to the right place until after the wedding reception was over. (it was an afternoon wedding) And finally the groom threw up on my sister’s wedding dress and she was NOT happy. I now wonder how long their relationship will last, seeing as it started on some really bad footing. jordymil023


My sister-in-law and I have very different styles, but she literally wanted my mum to pay a fortune to change EVERYTHING about me to be her bridesmaid. She wanted us to pay £200 for the dress and shoes. But then she hired expensive hair stylists and make up artists and insisted we paid. Then she demanded I get my hair dyed because my hair is dark blonde and she wanted it to be more platinum blonde to match the other bridesmaids. Then she demanded I get my nails done with acrylic French tips. Then she wanted me to take out all my piercings (I have 6 studs in my ears) and buy new diamond earrings. AND THEN she wanted me to buy a Tiffany bracelet because the other bridesmaids all had them and she wanted us to all look exactly the same. I was a student at the time so my mum paid for all of this just to keep the peace because my SIL is such a diva, but we drew the line when she wanted me to get a spray tan, get my eyebrows reshaped and GAIN weight so she wouldn’t have to get my dress altered (after she sized up my dress without telling me). If she had gotten her way, my mum would have paid at least £800 Adding insult to injury, I was the only member of my family to not sit at the top table with the bride and groom because “it’s not traditional for the bridesmaids to sit there”. So I sat with strangers. –Cazboline


My friend, who has serious issues with being non committal and non confrontational (not a good wedding planning combo), decided that she wouldn’t name a specific person as her MOH even though she led us to believe she would. After stringing us along she eventually asked 2 of us (out of 5) to share duties. It wasn’t a huge deal but her lack of communication caused a few issues. Other girl she picked has zero $$, so I did all the planning and purchasing but she still told people she was a co-host. There was confusion over who was doing what exactly…too many chiefs type sitch. It also caused her to become insecure and she started forcing herself into photos and various situations to make sure people knew she was “one of the MOH”. I ended up telling the other girl I’d like to host my own events (and discussed which ones I’d like to host and vice versa). After all of that I continued to be the volunteer wedding planner for the bride and hosted a killer bachelorette party. I let the other chick be announced first and all that at the reception, sit closest to the bride, make the speech etc. because that stuff wasn’t important enough to me to fight over at that point, plus I was there to help my friend…not to make a spectacle of myself. I was mostly disappointed that my best friend, the bride, caused a bit of tension, awkwardness and chaos amongst her bridal party simply because she couldn’t choose or didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. –Peanutt801


My best friend picked out abridesmaid dress that only came in junior sizes. I told her the day she found it, before any of the other bridesmaids had bought it or even been told about it that it wasn’t going to fit. I’m just too curvy. She didn’t listen and insisted it would. Guess what? It didn’t. So instead I was kicked out of the wedding. We’ve been best friends since before we turned one year old. –kiras6


Wearing a full on cosplay lord of the rings outfit while standing up including a dagger bouquet. Should be interesting. –breelightyear


I have bright red hair and my sister told me to die it a lighter color so it would match with the theme of her wedding. –graciem4b0187b39


My friend dated a guy who’s ex girlfriend was pregnant when he left her. They had a whirlwind romance and my friend married him when the child was about 9 months old. Now the ex wasn’t allowed to come to the wedding but the groom wanted his daughter there so they asked me (MoH) to carry her down the isle instead of walking with the best man. I didn’t mind that. What I did mind was literally being left holding the baby for most of the evening because the grooms parents, refused to acknowledge his child / their “illegitimate” grandchild. I couldn’t drink, couldn’t dance and had to spend the night telling people “no this isn’t my baby” and batting away questions about her. Friend didn’t even apologise. –IndiHatter


Fly to another country for a FITTING. The dresses has been purchased in the same country where the wedding was going to be held, and simply COULDN’T be fitted by anyone but the brand/designer. This flight was in addition to flying out for the shower and of course the actual wedding. The bride was nice enough when I backed out of bridesmaid duties and elected to only fly out for the actually wedding festivities, but visibly mystified at why 3 flights would be A Bit Much. –melissak334


We were told to arrive at the wedding venue (groom’s family house) a few hours early to get ready. Well, “get ready” meant we were setting up the ENTIRE wedding, and making all the bouquets and floral arrangements. Without being asked. We set up every single table, put up tablecloths, made an arrangement for each one, set up coolers with drinks, helped prepare food, all without having any idea this was going to happen. It was 90 degrees out, and we were all sweating and felt disgusting by the time the wedding started. Which was in the blazing sun in the middle of the afternoon with no shade. Then we were supposed to stay and clean everything up, but every bridesmaid left before that because we felt very taken advantage of. –MrsH810


Drove 300 miles, the floral arrangements, shopping for the food, wedding playlist involving downloading ALL of her music from her 2008 ipod to my iMac, then recording the songs and uploading them to my Spotify because she didn’t want to pay for music, all six of the bridesmaids hair (braided), the brides hair (braided) and makeup, all of the bridesmaids false lashes, playing the first dance song, AND THEN at her reception (a month later), her hair, makeup, and a speech (because her maid and matron of honor were too chicken shit). I did too much. And then when my wedding rolled around, she broke up our friendship via email after ghosting me for 3 months because we asked her husband to be an Usher instead of a Groomsman, and asked her husband’s brother (my husband’s first friend in our current city) to be a Groomsman. The two brothers hate each other. She opted out of a 7 year friendship by calling me an alcoholic, drug addict (I smoke weed for anxiety), easily influenced brat who my husband would ruin. My husband and I have been dating for 13 years, married 1. Oh, and she has also tried to break up 3 other friends relationships when they got engaged to people she suddenly hated. THANK U, NEXT. –brittanyf44f707b7f

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