Chrissy Teigen Roasted Kim Kardashian For Being Late To ‘Bird Box’ And Twitter Is Piling On

If you have yet to watch the post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box on Netflix, please do yourself a favor and watch it now. Seriously, it’s amazing. It’s safe to assume pretty much any Sandra Bullock film is going to be a winner, but this particular piece of cinema will blow you away.

People have been buzzing about Bird Box across social media since its release on December 21st. Though, one of the most iconic social media figures Kim Kardashian seemed to have missed the memo and tweeted at fans about the film on New Year’s Day.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before celeb BFF Chrissy Teigen stepped in to roast Kim K’s tardiness and Twitter couldn’t help but pile on.

On New Year’s Day, Kim Kardashian finally discovered the film Bird Box which has been trending all over social media since its release on Netflix in December.

Come on, Kim!

Fortunately, Chrissy Teigen responded with what all of us were thinking.

But, really.

And it wasn’t long before the rest of Twitter began adding their own hilarious comments.

Moral of the story: Don’t be Kim, go watch Bird Box.