Dad Tweets That His Son Is His ‘Biggest Life Regret’ And Gets Eaten Alive

If you thought your parents messed you up, imagine being Sam McRoberts‘ kid!

McRoberts—who in his Twitter bio describes himself as a writer, entrepreneur, and CEO—recently responded to a tweet by explaining in no uncertain terms that having a kid was the greatest regret of his entire life.

The original tweet in question was written by Julia Galef, a writer who tweeted the specs for her ideal study: Tracking 10,000 people who were unsure about having kids, and following up two decades later to determine what choices they made and what level of life satisfaction it gave them as a result.

McRoberts quickly went viral for all the wrong reasons when he explained that he and his wife initially planned on having three kids, but just the one proved to be one too many.

“Though I love my son, I know now the challenges of parenting well enough to say that having a kid is probably my biggest life regret,” wrote McRoberts, before adding: “Wife concurs.”

He went on to clarify that “Nobody f—ing prepares you for all the BS that comes with parenting, and society/biology heavily push towards perpetuating the species.”

While his sentiment may be true, and while he is certainly allowed to feel the way he does—don’t blast your resentment for your own kid all over social media, bro!


McRoberts went on to defend himself by arguing that his ultra-woke kid “understands the nuance” of being his parents’ greatest life regret.

The reaction from those concerned for McRoberts’ kid and disgusted by his blasé attitude towards him was imminent.

The Internet is forever, sir.

Parents around the Twittersphere weighed in.

Some users even addressed the son directly, letting him know that he is worthy of love and of being on this Earth, even if his parents don’t exactly agree.

Seems like McRoberts’ tweet just claimed top spot as his life’s biggest regret.

h/t Twitter