People Are Stunned By This 10-Year-Old’s Viral Poem On Dyslexia That Can Be Read Forwards And Backwards

School is already tough, but it’s made increasingly more difficult for those students who struggle with learning disabilities like dyslexia. Words get all jumbled in the wrong order and it can be incredibly frustrating especially at a young age.

However, one 10-year-old student in the UK is raising awareness for people with dyslexia through a moving poem that can be read forwards and backward.

Jane Broadis is a year 6 teacher at Christ Church Chorleywood C of E School in Watford, United Kingdom.

Recently, Jane asked her students to work on poems that could be read forwards and backward.

And one student, in particular, stunned Jane with this original piece on dyslexia.

The teacher was so blown away that she shared the poem on Twitter in hopes of getting her pupil published.

And people were deeply moved by the writer’s words.



Many could even relate to struggling with dyslexia.


And one commenter even wanted to include the poem in a book.

Truly wholesome.

h/t Bored Panda