23 Times Everyday Things Looked Like Something Truly Incredible

13. This fallen post that looks like a discarded cigarette:

14. This window that looks just like a painting:

15. This pressure washer that looks a lot like Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.:

16. This statue that looks like it goes on forever:

17. This teeny paw that looks like it’s got another teeny paw inside of it:

18. This beer foam that looks like a smiling dog:

19. This ham sliced so thin, it looks out of focus:

20. This empty blood bag that looks like snow-capped mountains:

21. This bread that looks exactly like a little bunny:

22. This picture of two swans that looks like one swan with a smaller second swan head:

23. And finally, this Uber driver hair formed into a perfect 25:

h/t r/mildlyinteresting