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Former Trump Supporters Are Sharing Their “Last Straw” (20 Posts)


“I watched the When They See Us documentary. I was pretty pissed off. Then the Iranian crisis. I really was sitting watching the news waiting for war, when the plan blew up I was like here we fucking go. As a member of a family that was killed by their fascist government, the absolute final straw was him talking about shooting civilians and using the military to occupy cities. I will not let the horrors of the 1940s happen here. My grandmother sacrificed a lot to come here. Hell no.” — CorbinDalla5


“A friend of mine voted for him. I argued with him all the time about it and he never really had any explanation for it except one time he said “I like him because he just doesn’t care”…like he’s the fucking POTUS are you kidding me? But he dropped his support after Puerto Rico. He said that was the last straw seeing him throw paper towels into the crowd like he was playing basketball cuz it showed he obviously didn’t care about anyone else at all.” — QueenJackathy


“I was never 100% Trump, thought he was just charismatic. Until I read one of his speeches… Then the impeachments… Then the tear gassing citizens… Then the calling a 75 year old victim of police brutality a terrorist… I am now Anti-Trump. If democrats added a literal potato to the ballot, I would vote for it.” — antiskylar1


“Had first supported Trump from the idea that it was kind of satirical he was being placed into such a serious position of power. So really, my support came from seeing how far such mockery America was willing to keep allowing. Well when someone seriously challenged my thinking about my support for Trump I had absolutely nothing to say other than ‘well it’s just funny.’ I knew I didn’t actually support him when presented with the reality of what he was doing as president. I realized then it was time to grow up and really formulate serious opinions about issues in the world. Still feel like a fool.” — StillLife24


“I honestly can’t point to one single thing; it was a slow burn. I voted for him initially because it was almost brainwashed into me. My dad LOVED him and sang his praises as the debates/election season were in progress, plus he was a Hillary-basher and I thought she was just the worst thing in the world. I still have no clue what’s up with her, honestly. Clearly I never did my research. When I moved from my small (and VERY republican) town to the big city, almost everyone I came across despised Trump and I hid the fact that I supported him because I wasn’t sure that was the right vote anymore. Since then, I’ve come to realize that… he kinda lacks humanity? I’ve never cared much for politics and have only JUST started to research here and there but I just can’t stand behind him anymore. And it doesn’t help that his supporters (that I’ve met, at least) are so vocal about how (ahem white) Americans are the best thing to happen to this world and how they don’t give a shit about anything else.” — webleedholywater


“My mum has now softened to the idea that he is at very least, an asswipe. I know it’s hard for whites that grew up in the 40s to be open to the argument that their leaders might suck, but I feel that progress is being made in my little sphere of the world.” — DiscoDogfather


“The deciding factor for me though was learning about the Central Park jogger case. Trump took out ads in the paper calling for the death penalty for 5 black teens who turned out to be innocent. Who the fuck does that shit. To this day when asked about he says he believes they’re guilty even though they were proved innocent. Learning that he would do something like that, and there’s no way to explain it away sealed the deal for me.” — oneluckytrooper


“When he started firing people that disagreed with him. I thought he was funny and tolerable until then. Trump fired everyone he’s afraid of now there are few intelligent people in government.” — nightshade085


“I was in the hopeful but not excited category. I’m his first month he was whining about the inauguration crowds, and was insecure that Obama had a larger inauguration crowd than he did. I thought, ‘oh fuck, if he’s throwing a tantrum over this when there’s serious shit he needs to focus on as President, we are in trouble.’ And it’s been all down hill since then…” — Shwoomie


“Threatening to deploy the military against protesters. The only reason the military should ever deploy on US soil is to counter an invasion or armed insurrection that the national guard couldn’t handle first.” — Kenobi_69

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