“Frozen” Elsa Doll Is Haunted, Says Family, And Keeps Showing Up After Being Thrown Away

What do you do with a doll that just won’t be discarded? We’re not talking Toy Story here. Emily Madonia of Houston, Texas, made a series of chilling Facebook posts recently in which she shared that no matter how many times she and her husband threw away their daughter’s haunted Elsa doll, it kept coming back.

Madonia’s daughter received the Frozen toy back in 2013. While the doll was supposed to be monolingual, according to an interview with Click2Houston, two years later, it began alternating between singing “Let It Go” in Spanish and English.

After the doll started malfunctioning more and more, even speaking and singing when it was switched off, the family decided it was time to let it go. So in December, they tossed little Elsa in the trash and that was that.

Except that a couple of weeks later, Madonia’s husband opened up a bench and found the doll inside, waiting for him.

“Mat started yelling and I ran in. He definitely had thrown it away,” she wrote on Facebook on Christmas Eve. “There is no way the kids would have taken it out of the garbage but we asked them about it anyway and they were completely confused.”

“I don’t even know what I think about all this except…nope,” she admitted. Her husband finally double-bagged the doll in a new set of garbage bags and took it back to the curb.

But of course, the haunted Elsa doll wouldn’t stay hidden. Two weeks later, Madonia posted that her daughter found Elsa in the backyard once again. At this point, Madonia begged her friends to help her figure out what to do with the doll.

Madonia clarified that the doll’s reappearance was not a practical joke, and offered a couple of explanations: Either someone dug the doll out to freak out the family, or it was a different doll altogether.

And that’s when a pal from Minnesota stepped in and offered to take it.

“Mail it to me!” Chris Hogan replied on Facebook. “It’ll be friends with the creepy doll that hangs out on top of my earplug dispenser.”

Hogan describes himself as a “skeptic that doesn’t believe in ghosts or magic.” He just thought it would make a funny addition to the story to have Madonia mail Elsa 1500 miles to try to get rid of her.

Hogan did, however, prank Madonia when the box first arrived.

But it might not be all fun and games. Madonia mailed the haunted Elsa doll to her friend with no return address in hopes that the doll wouldn’t find its way back this time.

But, she says, when she laid Elsa gently in her cardboard grave, the doll began to laugh, something she had never done before.

A malfunctioning chip? Bad batteries? Maybe. Madonia says they never got around to changing the batteries that were originally in the doll. So for six years, the doll has just somehow been running on the exact same charge. Or, you know, it’s totally possessed.

Is this the end of the haunted Elsa saga?

Madonia sure hopes so. “If the doll comes back, I might have to open my mind to some of the more supernatural solutions,” she told Click2Houston. But the doll is currently safely trapped in Hogan’s shop. Literally taped down so it can’t get up and walk away. 

Though with this particular creepy Elsa, who can say? We’re pretty sure a little tape never bothered her anyway.

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