Wife Shares Husband’s Attempts To Make The Bed After Doing It Herself For Over 40 Years (10 Pics)

People tend to fall into roles in relationships, sometimes without even knowing it. Maybe one partner is better at cooking and another at doing the household’s finances so that just becomes the natural division of labor. 

When these roles suddenly change well… let’s just say that sometimes when an old dog has to learn a new trick things get a little funny.

Joanne Sterling and her husband Jim have been married for an impressive 45 years and Jim recently took over the daily task of making their bed for the first time. He’s done a fine job but Joanne noticed he seemed a bit confused on what to do with the pillows. So she started documenting her husband’s daily bed-making and the photos have gone viral.

This is both due to Jim’s creative bed-making and Joanne’s hilarious captions.


1. “After 45 years Jim is in charge of making the bed every morning. I don’t think he knows what to do with the extra pillows 😂”

2. “He said we watched too much Dexter.”

3. “Now he has props!”

4. “Oh No Mr Bill!”

5. “😜😁😘”

6. “Guess we are sleeping with our heads at the bottom now 😁”

7. “Haha the best!”

8. “Managed to hide all my fancy pillows today🤣”

9. “Here is today’s design 😂”


Finally the artist and the documentarian wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Posted by Joanne Sterling on Sunday, May 10, 2020

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