woman trying to hit a hairstylist

Entitled “Karen” Tries To Hit Hairdresser Then Expects Her To Finish Dye Job

Oh boy, Karens are having quite a year, aren’t they?

I’m not entirely sure what it says about our society in that this is so far from the first “Karen” story we’ve covered this year, it’s actually the 3rd “Karen freaking out” story we’ve covered this week.

First, there was Trader Joe’s Karen:

And who can forget grocery throwing Karen:

And the classic, Gelson’s Karen:

Anyway, the point is, Karens have taken 2020 by storm with their bad behavior, and this one attempted to assault the woman who was coloring her hair.

Sharon Spellman is a hairstylist whose run-in with an abusive client went viral. Apparently, the client didn’t want Spellman’s assistant, who is Hispanic, to finish the color touch-ups Spellman had started. As a result, she threw a temper tantrum.

Spellman uploaded footage from the salon’s security camera to her Instagram and posted it with this caption:


Hair Stylists & allll customer service workers, BEWARE! This behavior really is out there!!
This all happened because my Hispanic assistant was going to finish her root touch-up!!
I do not condone racism, violence, or disrespect!!!! ‍♀️ I will always stand up for what is RIGHT!
I understand people are going through their own hardships but, WE ALL ARE! That is not an excuse to treat others poorly!!!
PS.. I was able to obtain all this footage via my security camera
Everyone stay safe out there. The world is CRAZY!”

The video shows Spellman and her assistant, with Karen in the salon hair. Spellman told the Karen (whose real name is Robin, but this is more fun) she’d be handing off her color job to her assistant and the Karen got very emotional about having the assistant touch her hair and threatened to leave if Spellman did not do her hair.

Spellman calmly explains why she has her assistant help her out, while the Karen got more and more enraged. She started behaving so poorly that Spellman had to scold her for the way she was speaking to her and her assistant. She actually said to her “You have half your color on, and you’re going to talk to me like that? Robin!” Well, Karen-Robin didn’t like that so she tried to hit Spellman, who immediately kicked Karen out of her business.

The video went viral and Spellman ended up doing an Instagram Live to expand on the incident.


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She explained that the woman who attempted to hit her has been a client of hers for a year and a half. Apparently, her behavior is not a surprise.

“And she was the client in the salon — prior to me working at the salon — that was getting passed around because nobody could handle her energies. She would sometimes kind of be out of line towards other people in the salon, and I would look at her, and I would be like, ‘Robin, that’s not very nice. We can’t talk to people that way.’”

No, Robin. It’s not nice.

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