Viral Video Shows “Karen” Threatening To Kill Her Neighbor’s Dog Over A Wi-Fi Password

Oh boy, Karens are having quite a year, aren’t they?

A viral video making the rounds depicts a wild encounter between a homeowner and yet another apparent “Karen” who loses her mind when she realized her neighbor’s changed their WiFi password on her.

The series of videos, which have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on the Content Hub TikTok account, show a woman with what sounds to be a thick New York accent, pounding on the door.

“I live here! It’s illegal,” she pleads in the first video. Come outside, let’s talk. Give me the f—king WiFi before you get arrested, and your mom.”

When her pleas do not result in immediate results, the woman begins to escalate by threatening to kill her neighbor’s dog. “You want me to try that way, or you want your dog to come dead?” she asks. “I have ways in, and your dog won’t be breathing tomorrow.”


Crazy neighbor is at my door because I changed the wifi password #crazy #publicfreakout #neighbor #wifi #fyp

♬ original sound – Content Hub

“You have two seconds to give me the WiFi,” she continues ranting in the second part. “Dog. Doggie? Dead. You’re not gonna f—k with me. Because when you’re outside by yourself one day, you’re gonna be f—ked.”

“What are you gonna do? Find a new one?” she adds. “You’re not gonna f—k with my life, little b—tch.”


Crazy neighbor is at my door because I changed the wifi password PART 2 #crazy #publicfreakout #neighbor #wifi #fyp

♬ original sound – Content Hub

After doing a bit of detective work, it appears that the video originated from the r/PublicFreakout section of Reddit—and the story gets even crazier.

The OP writes that their friend, who was filming the encounter, asked them to post the video on her behalf. Apparently her brother and the brother’s girlfriend—as in, the would-be dog murderer—live in their parent’s basement. The brother moved there temporarily after he split up with the girlfriend, with whom they share four children.

“Nothing was ever signed back in September of 2018 my dad let him keep stuff in the basement after he left her and needed help,” explains OP. “Then he was alone there and everything was fine. Stayed there sporadically because he would stay with [the girlfriend’s parents] to see his kids.”

However, things took a turn in the summer of 2019. The couple got back together after she had her fourth child, and all six of them moved into the basement together—including the baby. His sister and parents then called CPS because the basement was not livable for children, much less a baby, and the kids have since been removed from the situation.

The incident caught on camera was the family’s fourth time calling the police on “Karen.” In addition to threatening to kill the family dog, the girlfriend has also broken windows and assaulted their father.

The family evidently had a warrant to evict the unwanted couple from the basement in October 2019, but between slow bureaucracy and the coronavirus pandemic, they were never able to legally kick them out.

Hopefully, this family’s nightmare will be over and Karen will get the boot before any animals are harmed. You can watch the entire, insane five-minute-long interaction, below:

Crazy tenant freaking out at the front door over changing the Wi-Fi password. from PublicFreakout

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