Three Women Named Karen Get Roasted For Campaigning To “Take Back Their Name”

The world is full of Karens, a word used to describe entitled white women who will call the manager as soon as things don’t go their way. It started out as a kind of funny name to describe people being petty, demanding, etc., but in the last few months, it seems like every day we get a new video of a racist white woman making the lives of Black people hell, like Amy Cooper, for example. 

In my opinion, calling women like this a “Karen” is kind of putting too adorable a name on something that is actually criminal and violent. That’s why I’m sick of the Karen meme. But actual Karens are sick of the Karen meme for other obvious reasons. Three of them are mad about it they were willing to go on U.K. program This Morning to complain about it—almost like total Karens!

A clip of their appearance was posted to Twitter, featuring Karen Masters, Karen Serfass, and Karen Triggs. If these ladies had a single spark of awareness to share between them  they would have realized that what they’re doing is exactly the kind of thing that gets white women called “Karen” in the first place, but no. They don’t.

At one point host Eamon Holmes even gets them to agree that the term is “almost racist,” which is a pretty ridiculous thing to say as protests against racism have risen across the U.S. and in other countries, including the U.K. Masters even started a petition to end people making fun of her I guess?

Masters claims she’s been hiding her name tag at work as criticisms of Karens get more popular.

“I noticed some memes on TikTok and it was quite funny to begin with,” said Masters. “But when the Black Lives Matter protests started and there was a lot of media saying Karens were racist, it took on a life of its own. I feel we can’t, as Karen’s, can’t talk about how this is affecting us, because then we are entitled if we do this. So I set up a to say this is not fair, us having to put up with this.”

I’m curious how they think a petition will be enforced. Maybe people should be arrested and thrown in jail for calling them Karen? Triggs says she is legally changing her first name because of the negative connotations of Karen. I think if she’s going to do that, she should have skipped being on TV, but too late now!

“I can take a joke,” she said [note: she cannot take a joke] “But it’s got to the point where people are using the name to describe someone racist, it’s linked to so much bad stuff. It’s spilling into my everyday life. I want to nip it in the bud and stop it from affecting me on a deeper level.”

Serfass says she made a Facebook page about the Karen meme in November as a joke, but it’s now become quite serious. “Over the last couple of months we had a lot of women joining looking for support,” she said.

Well, the ladies definitely aren’t finding any support from the Internet over all this:

Look, if you don’t act like a jackass, no one is going to call you a Karen as an insult. These women are being jackasses and they’re literally named Karen. It’s not looking good for that petition.

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