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Another Supermarket “Karen” Goes Viral For Throwing Groceries All Over The Store Instead Of Just Wearing A Mask

As wearing a mask becomes stupidly politicized, people are throwing fits—for the absolute wrong reason. I could see myself walking into a grocery store, seeing none of the employees wearing a mask, and sinking down to the floor in panicked tears—but this “lovely young Karen” decided to throw groceries all over the place because she was simply asked to put a mask on. Now, footage of her meltdown has gone viral. 

The woman, who is unnamed, lost her damn crap shopping at what appears to be a Fiesta Market grocery store in Dallas, Texas. 

This particular woman’s tantrum comes on the heels of another white woman’s fit over being told to wear a mask in a California Trader Joe’s (dubbed Trader Joe’s Karen). 

The blonde woman in the video was asked to put on a mask at the checkout line but instead started screaming and throwing the groceries her cart out onto the floor. Folks noticed that she was actually holding a mask in her hand, but instead of just putting it on, she decided to wreck the grocery store. 

On social media, people were perplexed at what they saw as a display of white privilege and disregard for others. 


Video artist Vic Berger even gave her the Supermarket Sweep treatment. 

Don’t be a Karen. Wear your mask in the grocery store. Don’t throw your groceries all over the place. 

More Karens gone wild:

Patricia Grisafi

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