“Karen” Yells At Kids Driving a Toy Car in the Park For Not Having a Driver’s License

With so much to be angry about these days, we’ve found the woman who still has time to be angry about kids playing in the park. In this viral video four children are seen driving around in a Hot Wheels car in what looks like a fenced of playground, not the interstate. The video was shared by TV writer Yesha Callahan, though it doesn’t seem to be her video.

In the clip, a white woman seems to be yelling at the videographer, claiming she’s not paying attention as her kids drive a car “without a driver’s license.” Behind her, the children mosey along at a slower-than-walking pace, looking completely confused:

Why is this lady so mad about this? It seems like she’s the only one around and can easily walk away from the slow toy car. They’re not bumping into other cars, or driving into a river, or running one another over. It seems about as dangerous as any other toy a kid could play with, for the most part. The kids’ expressions just about sum it up:

At least this clip is giving people something to make fun of that isn’t police-related, though this Karen is clearly trying to do some on the ground policing herself:

Honestly, thanks for the laugh, Karen. We all needed it. But you better not call the cops!

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