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Maskless “Karen” Goes Off On Pizza Shop Workers

A woman who went out for pizza without wearing a mask absolutely lost it when employees refused to serve her as a result.

Corinna Love posted footage of the incident on Facebook, calling it “yet another Karen incident” that her dad experienced and recorded at Papa Murphy’s in Kennewick, Washington.

The confrontation is clearly well underway at the start of the video. An employee is firing back at an irate, maskless customer, reminding her that they have the right to refuse service to anyone.

“You have a right. You don’t need a mask,” the woman says, clearly struggling to think through what she wants to say. “This is an America Disability Act, because I am hard of hearing. And I have a right to speak my mind, and I have a right to see your lips because you do not, under any circumstances, violate my rights.”

Employees reiterate that they cannot serve her if she isn’t wearing a mask.

After she gets too close to the man recording the video, he tells her to back away and she responds with: “I don’t give a f**k.” “I have a right to my pizza,” she says. “I have a right to get my order.”

An employee yet again tells her they don’t have to serve her, and asks her to leave once she gets even more incensed over the situation. The woman then tries to cite HIPAA, but somebody cuts her off, laughing.

The employee finally asks for her name so as to retrieve the order, but the customer absolutely refuses to give it, insisting that she doesn’t have to give her name and that she ordered online.

After a back and forth over getting a name for the order, the employee eventually offers to give the woman the pizza outside, but she continues to stand at the counter yelling for her pizza instead.

When she does eventually leave, the man recording follows her to grab a pic of her license plate.

Another man in the car with her steps out upon seeing the camera and begins screaming: “I have a First Amendment right. And I am doing my First Amendment right. You want to hide behind it, you hide behind it. Show me the law — the law, not a statement — that says I have to. Show me the law. You can’t.”

These people, like so many anti-maskers, fail to remember that privately owned businesses have every right to require masks and offer reasonable alternative options for people with disabilities, and also, as the employees reminded the woman, have every right to deny service to any customer for any reason.

Additionally, Washington state has a mask mandate in place for public spaces, though it’s obvious from the man’s demand that show him a “law, not a statement” requiring masks that they both consider themselves above both mandates and just like, doing the right thing for the sake of society.

Unfortunately, one commenter who claims her daughter was working at Papa Murphy’s at the time says the ridiculous shrieking woman did, eventually, get her pizza. But she’s also getting a big ole side of public shaming to go with it, on the house.

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