Lizzo Flashed Her Thong At An NBA Game And Twitter Had Some Thoughts

On Sunday, Lizzo was having a nice ol’ time at a Lakers game while wearing a cute T-shirt dress and equally cute boots. During halftime, her hit song “Juice” came on and Lizzo revealed to the world that it wasn’t just any T-shirt. This shirt was a LIZZO shirt. Meaning, it had a strategically placed hole cut out of it, revealing a black thong, fishnet tights and Lizzo’s famous asset. (Pun absolutely intended.) 

The singer-songwriter-rapper Lizzo showed off her famous twerking skills for the crowd, further proving that she’s always having the most fun out of anyone in any room. 

The whole video is a piece of art. Look at her face. She knows exactly what’s about to happen and is eagerly anticipating the audience’s reaction. And they love it, but nobody more than this man:

Man looking at Lizzo

Just look at him! Waving his rolled-up piece of paper around like it’s a stack of dollar bills. The kind of enthusiasm our Queen deserves. 

Man watching Lizzo Dance

Of course, Twitter came ready with the jokes 


But… Twitter was also mean.

Really mean.

Luckily, level-headed Twitter came through to defend Lizzo and sparked an important conversation about bodies and who’s “allowed” to wear what.