Maisie Williams And Jimmy Fallon Pull An Epic ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prank On Fans

Maisie Williams on Monday pulled off an epic April Fools day prank on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Williams discussed her top five Arya Stark moments while discussing the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones—including the beheading of Ned Stark, reuniting with Sansa Stark, and throwing away her original costume—before Fallon pressed her for a spoiler.

“I’ve decided to just keep a tight lip on everything. HBO has sent out a lot of memos recently about just saying nothing,” said Williams. “So, there’s really nothing I could say. They would absolutely kill me.”

“You couldn’t give one little spoiler?” Fallon asked. “One little hint of a crumb is all I ask.”

“During shooting, the final days were really emotional — saying goodbye to all the cast. Because when I found out that Arya died in like, the second episode —” Williams started saying, before suddenly realizing her mistake and clapping her hands over her mouth in horror.

The actress began to panic and tremble, tears welling in her eyes, as she begged Fallon to edit out the spoiler. “They’re still going to tweet about it,” she said, of the studio audience, before running offstage.

Fallon followed the actress to check on her, only for both to pop out from behind the curtain and announce the “spoiler” was an April Fools’ Day prank.

Does this mean that Arya won’t be killed in the final season of Game of Thrones?

Fans have dozens of theories about which characters will survive and which will perish, particularly since HBO released a series of posters earlier this week. One promotional poster in particular features Jon Snow, who is positioned identically to Ned Stark in a poster promoting the first season of GoT.

This imagery, some fans think, is a foreshadowing of Jon Snow’s fate.

Others are convinced Bran Stark—as the White Walker King—will be the big baddie of the season.

Game of Thrones season 8 premieres Sunday, April 14 on HBO.