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How Tall Is Peppa Pig? The Debate Over Her Height Is Raging On Twitter

Peppa Pig is a delightful character who helps to teach children about processing emotions, experiencing new things, interacting with family, and apparently terrorizing the neighborhood. Peppa may look like a tiny figure on television, but according to a Google search, she is actually enormous.

Twitter user @Memeulous was having a wild Saturday night when they decided to look up how tall Peppa Pig officially is. I’m not saying marijuana was involved, but that’s definitely the sort of thing I would only wonder while high. The answer was pretty scary, so I truly hope they weren’t stoned when they read this:

Peppa Pig is seven feet and one inch tall.

In her world, she appears to be about the size of a normal child in proportion to everyone else. The fact that she’s actually over seven feet brings up a lot of questions. Like, how big is Peppa’s dad, in that case?

The official Google results say he’s over eight feet tall!

That doesn’t really line up with Peppa’s height to be honest. Maybe seven feet is her future full grown height? And now she’s maybe, five feet tall?

Still, that’s a very tall cartoon pig. I would find Peppa intimidating, but some people are looking for this kind of height. Like, the NBA.

Peppa’s is not the only weirdly big children’s character. Someone pointed out that the Teletubbies could also play professional basketball, if they were just a bit quicker on the court:

Also, the cartoon kid, Callou is secretly a giant, coming in at seven foot one inch, too:

Maybe children’s shows just take place in an alternate universe where everyone is really, really tall. It’s sort of the opposite from adult movies, where someone seems really big, but they’re actually tiny. Like Tom Cruise. Peppa is the anti-Tom Cruise. And that’s why we love her.