11 Little Tricks Restaurant Servers Pull That You’ve Definitely Never Noticed

Being a restaurant server is a tough job. I mean really most customer service jobs are rough, but a restaurant server is dealing with people at their worst; when they’re hungry. That’s why they need a few tricks up their sleeves to help ease us through the process.

If you’ve never served in a restaurant before, you’ve probably never noticed most of these tricks. They’ve been around forever for a reason. They work.

1. Make a cake or pie look like it’s in high demand by removing a slice before butting it in the display case.

2. Repeat the customer’s order back to them so they feel confident you’re actually going to remember to “put the dressing on the side.”

3. Suggest upgrades to the meal but don’t mention the price. Hell yeah they want cheese on that.

4. Put two straws in the drink and people will drink it faster, and maybe order another one before they leave.

5. Return the customer’s check with the card up top so they don’t forget it.

6. Hand guests a menu that’s open to the most expensive page, so it’s the first thing they see.

7. Walk around with the most expensive, fanciest looking drink on your tray. Someone will want it.

8. Encourage customers with a nod when suggesting a food upgrade. Subliminal messages work.


9. Always try to have spare silverware on you. Someone WILL ask for it.

10. Go out of your way to be nice to kids.

11. And last but not least, suggest some dessert. You know they know they want it.

h/t: BuzzFeed