Is It Rude For Someone To Hug Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend But Not Acknowledge You?

Many of the rules of etiquette have long since been abandoned. Add in some social anxiety and it’s clear that some people honestly don’t know how to act when greeting someone. If they’ve got a companion, do you say hi to that person, too? What if you don’t know them, though, or, worse, what if you’ve met them but don’t remember their name? 

A tweet asking that exact question has gone wildly viral, racking up over 144,000 retweets and 19,000 likes. That’s a strange ratio, because the number of likes usually greatly outnumbers the retweets, even on the most popular of tweets.

But here’s why: the tweet, sent by a user named Lindsay (@lindsaysturg) reads, “Is it rude for a girl or guy to say hi and hug your significant other but not acknowledge you? RT if yes, like if no. Trying to prove a point.” 

So the number of retweets is so high because most people think that YES, it is definitely rude for someone to say hi to your partner and not you, and the hug just puts it over the top. Acting like you’re not there, especially while talking to someone like your significant other (not just a random acquaintance) is absolutely not a polite thing to do. 

And the fact that Lindsay added, “Trying to prove a point” lets us know that she was clearly ignored by someone greeting her significant other,  and she’s not a fan. 

The majority of people agreed that, yup, it was ill-mannered. 

Someone even added a poll tweet to measure what people thought, and the outcome was overwhelmingly “RUDE.” 

The general feeling seemed to be that it was okay if the person hugging your s.o. didn’t also hug you, too, if you don’t know them. But the ignoring part was just not OK. 

One woman quickly pointed out that, actually, it’s pretty rude of your s.o. not to introduce you if this happens. Her take got a lot of support from others. 

And other people thought that behavior was rude, even if you were with someone who wasn’t your boo, but just a friend or whatever. 

But the tweet does have a whole lot of likes, too, so that means some people think this behavior is fine. Like this person, for example. 

Some people really didn’t care. 

But here’s how we know for sure it’s rude: 

h/t: Twitter: @lindsaysturg

Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.