Sarah Silverman Caught ‘Falling Asleep’ At The 2019 Emmys

On Monday night, the 2019 Emmys took place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The stars were out in full force, dressed in their finest (and in many cases, their ugliest) ensembles to hand out and collect awards for creating damn good television.

The Emmys are a fantastic ceremony to honor the people who make the shows we all love watching, but I think we can all admit that the whole thing goes on a little too long. So long, in fact, that most viewers are tempted to check out even before the broadcast—which is three hours long, I should mention—hits the halfway point. Hilariously, it seems like Sarah Silverman felt our pain. 

Silverman, who was nominated in the Best Variety Sketch Series category for her Hulu series I Love You, America lost to Saturday Night Live, which seems to pick up the trophy every year despite how bad the show gets and the fact that there are much more worthy winners, especially in recent years. 

While Silverman likely expected to come up short this year—seriously, SNL has won this award for the past three years—what’s unclear is whether she was doing a bit (likely) or if she was legitimately falling asleep because the Emmys go on way too long and she just wanted to get back in her limo and stop at In-n-Out for some burgers and fries before she went back to her house, put on PJs, and parked herself on the couch. That’s what celebs do after these events, right? 

In any case, Sarah Silverman was definitely the hero of the 2019 Emmys. Let her reaction be a guiding force for the planners of future ceremonies, who could seriously cut down roughly 50% of their content and have a much more entertaining and much less exhausting broadcast. Not likely, but we can all dream.