Texas Woman Who Ate Half A Cake While Shopping Demanded A Half-Off Discount And Is Now Queen Of Walmart

Sometimes you just want to have your cake and eat it too.

A woman was recently banned from a Texas Walmart for eating half a cake while shopping – and then demand that she only be charged half the price for the remaining half of the cake. According to Wichita Falls, Texas police Sgt. Harold McClure, the unidentified woman claimed that she found the cake with half of it already missing and so she should only have the pay half the price. But, the manager of the Walmart caught her red-handed (or chocolate-handed, rather) and instead called the police.

When officers arrived on the scene, the woman allegedly still refused to pay full price for the cake she had eaten. So instead, she was banned from Walmart for good. Hopefully the woman enjoyed every bite of that cake while she was in the Walmart; she won’t be allowed back into buy another.

It would be great if customers could manage to get half off of products just for using (or in this case, eating) half of them before even leaving the store. Some folks on Twitter have already thought of all the possibilities this line of thinking might mean:

This isn’t the first time the Wichita Falls Walmart has been in the news. Recently, another woman was banned for drinking wine from a Pringles can and then riding around the store on an electric scooter.

Honestly, it sounds like the customers of this Walmart really know how to party.