Woman Asks If She Was Wrong To Blow Up Her Influencer Boyfriend’s Lies Online

Social media influencers work hard.

Sometimes, it might seem like the whole thing is very silly, but success on certain platforms can lead to financial success and future jobs.

On Reddit, one woman is resentful that her boyfriend’s TikTok usage has become all-consuming, leading him to neglect her and the relationship.

However, he still claims on his TikTok account to spend a good amount of time with her. So what did she do? Blow up the lie. As one Redditor said in the comments section, this couple seems exhausting.

The OP’s boyfriend has been trying to hit 100k followers before his birthday, so he’s upped the amount of time spent on filming.

“I am 20F. My boyfriend (21M) downloaded TikTok a while ago & developed a decent following, nothing close to Charli or anything but around 80k followers which is pretty impressive. Most of his videos are ‘thirst trap’ type videos (basically him just being hot on camera lol), which I am totally fine with,” the OP writes.

Since he is in school and the OP works during the day, they have been spending less time together.

“Two days ago, he posted a ‘day in the life’ TikTok. He filmed his ‘daily routine’ which was pretty accurate, but he also included a clip of us cuddling with text over it that said ‘4:00-8:00, spending time with my girlfriend.’ I was a little bit hurt by it. The clip he used was over 2 months old, and I honestly can’t remember the last time he spent more than half an hour with me, let alone 4 hours. In response, I dueted the video and greenscreened screenshots of his texts from when he ditched me to film, pushed dates back by hours, cancelled plans, etc. I admit, it was petty, but I was upset that he was essentially using our relationship for clout & ‘boyfriend points’ with his followers but hasn’t been putting any effort into the relationship IRL.”

“My video blew up & his comments are filled with angry comments telling him off for being neglectful, using me for clout, etc. He’s lost a chunk of followers as well. He’s really upset with me, he said I had no reason to sabotage his TikTok account like that, and if I was upset with him, I should have just talked to him. He’s begging me to post a follow up video saying the screenshots were fake & vouch for him being a good boyfriend, but I’m refusing.”

Did the OP overreact?

“NTA he lied for clout and the truth exposed him, he needs to earn back the followers whose trust he violated, it’s not your job to lie AGAIN for more clout. I think he might need a break from TikTok tbh,” said CocaoPuffs971.

“ESH. He’s being a shitty boyfriend but you really went for the nuclear option there. I feel like you can’t make stuff public like that if you don’t intend to break up, because no one who sees that is ever going to respect your relationship again, and that’s going to take its toll on both of you,” said blinkingsandbeepings.

“ESH. You both sound exhausting,” said Alma_knack.

“He posted a misrepresentation of you and your relationship and it sounds like it was without your permission. You posted the truth. If he hadn’t posted a lie, you wouldn’t have been so upset to respond. It sounds like he is getting super sucked into his rectangle and needed a reality wake up call anyway, even if it was a harsh one. Your feelings and needs matter, period, even if he is mad at your duet,” noted realcxntinspring.

“He’s the AH because obviously TikTok has completely taken over his life, he’s barely spending any time with you, you mentioned it to him without him actually taking action to change anything, he lied on Tiktok for clout, and after you made your video he seemed more concerned about what others think and the followers he lost than why you made that video in the first place. However, your behavior is SUPER petty. He did technically lie to his followers, but his lie obviously triggered something inside of you and instead of you talking to him like an adult in a relationship you called him out online because you KNEW it would hurt him and his following. You hit him where it hurt. You could have just asked him to take it down because it upset you that he was lying for clout and how it negatively affected you. This is his business. This is something he is passionate about. Yes he needs to learn how to balance his life better but this is not the way to do it. That being said I wouldn’t make a TikTok video saying that you lied because you didn’t. He needs to own up for his mistake because that’s what being in the spotlight entails,” said MissCheyenne14.

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