TikTok Teen Does Half Blackface As A Comment On Racism, Sparking Outrage

Sometimes white people seem like they’re unable to figure out how to be anti-racist without throwing in a little racism to get their point across, and it’s a big problem.

TikTok teen and makeup artist @catharinas_beauty sparked outrage after posting a bizarre half blackface make up look on TikTok. She’s since deleted it, but it was been widely shared on Twitter after being shared by Siraj Hashmi of the Washington Examiner:

In the video, set to “This Is America” by Childish Gambino, the 16-year-old slowly and very seriously paints one side of her face brown, then slicks back her hair. It’s not clear what point she is exactly trying to make, but it seems like she means it. My guess is that she wanted to express something about the protests across the country sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, possibly even something in support of those protests, but the thinking portion of her plan ended there.

People were pretty astounded by the whole thing:

The New York Post reports her subsequent apology videos are in German, and she has said multiple times in English that she is not familiar with the history of blackface in America. 


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I do think adults should leave her alone, mostly because there are better things to do right now. I suspect this is a lesson she will never forget.

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