Truckers Reveal What You Can Do On The Road To Make Their Lives Easier (16 Tips)

If you’ve ever passed by a truck carrying a tank that says “flammable,” you know the experience can be a bit nerve-wracking.

Folks reached out to truckers on Reddit to find out how they can make trucker’s jobs easier when traveling.

And how we can all stay safer on the road.

Turns out there are a few good rules of thumb to remember when you’re sharing the road with big rigs—including giving them plenty of room and never cutting them off. Oh, and if you do see a truck—feel free to do the air horn thing. It’s always fun for everyone.

1. Flash Your Headlights

“We always flash our headlights to signal that it’s safe for a truck to merge in front of us. They often reciprocate with a return flash of 4ways as a thank you.” — twstrchk

2. Don’t Park In No Parking Zones

“Don’t park in no parking zones…They may look like an empty spot marked off for no reason, but they are often there to give the trucker room to back in his very long trailer in what is probably already a tight space. If you park there, they cant get in.” — cpersall

3. Stop At The Light Where Indicated

“Stop at the stop light where indicated. Sometimes the line is far back from the intersection to allow trucks to make the turn.” — tardissomethingblue

4. Watch For Wide Turns

“I drive for Amazon and I once had to take a right turn into a gravel lot to drop off a trailer. When turning you have to slow down A LOT and make it a wide turn so your trailer doesn’t hit the curb or ditch on the side. Well this turn had a ditch and the fellow driving behind me was tailgating and was also impatient. He misread my wide right turn as me turning left (for some reason?) and then proceeded to speed up around me which would have him heading directly towards my cab. So when he realized he effed up he swerved into the ditch and his car bounced back out of it totaling his car. All while this was happening I was just hoping he didn’t hit me. I pulled into the lot all the way so I wasn’t blocking the road and then got out and asked him if he was okay and all he did was yell at me and curse and then called the police. When the police got there and heard both sides and realized that he did it to himself because of his reckless driving and that we didn’t actually make any contact they let me go about my day. The wife of the dude actually called me later and apologized for her husband which I thought was hilarious. So yeah don’t tailgate a semi people.” — rickybubash

5. Don’t Drive Next To The Truck

“From back when I was driving, pass quickly and only on the left. If you camp out on my side, you’re sitting next to tires that have a pressure of 100 pounds per square inch. Never had a tractor tire blow, but when the trailer tires went it shakes the truck like a grenade went off. Don’t sit there waiting for the grenade to go off.” — 64645

6. Be Predictable

“I say this as a former trucker and as a regular driver. I appreciate the gesture but please don’t be polite. Be predictable! Follow all the rules of the road as written and there won’t be as much confusion.” — mrbones59

7. Do The Air Horn Thing

“My dad was a trucker and I rode with him for years and years. Please do the air horn thing with your arm. It makes their day.” — Reid_James

8. Don’t Pass Just To Slow Down

“My dad was a trucker for a while and would always complain about people who would pass just to get around him then slow down to a speed slower than he was going in the first place.” — jrhawk42

9. Never Cut Off A Truck

“I own a trucking company, here’s some things we would love the public to practice. Keep in mind, this is for the large sleeper bunk with 53′ trailer. The guys who live on the road. Never get in front of a truck when you’re approaching an amber light or a red light. That truck may weigh up to 80k and you’ve just reduced his stopping distance. You can out run him when the light turns green and get in front of him after. Tankers are dangerous, especially if they don’t have baffles. Don’t make any erratic moves around them because if they have to suddenly stop, Newton’s first law will f*ck you up. If you’re changing lanes in front of a driver, signal and slowly merge. Most driver’s are trained to look several vehicles ahead and they have a better view. Just give them space, they could already be adjusting for a situation that’s out of your field of vision.” — ZergrushLOL

10. Do Not Brake Check

“Do not brake check. Stopping an 80,000+ pound vehicle is a lot harder than you might think.” — Superman11011