There Are Really People Out Here Getting Mad At Their Husbands For Masturbating

When you get married, it’s understood that you may have to learn to handle your spouse’s quirks and habits, particularly if you haven’t lived with them before. Conflict is bound to happen, whether because they didn’t take out the recycling for the third day in a row or they leave their shoes in the living room instead of walking about 20 feet and putting them in the closet where they actually belo- sorry, lost my cool there.

The point is, living with a spouse is an exercise in learning to respect their needs and wants while balancing your own.

Or, you could get unreasonably mad that your husband masturbates.

I think a lot of us universally assumed that everyone needs a little bit of self-love now and and then and that it’s perfectly alright to handle it.

But @QuiteTheCurious revealed to Twitter that two dinner mates of hers were livid over catching their husbands in acts of self-pleasure and she was reasonably dumbfounded by their anger.

What should have been an isolated opinion quickly spun out into others sharing their own stories of draconian spouses controlling if and when their loved ones get their self-freak on.

These were crazy enough in their own right, but then someone topped them all with their own reveal.

Naturally, everyone assumed they knew the scene…

Nope. Something a little different…

Hmm. On second thought, maybe those upset wives at lunch had a point. 🤔

h/t: Twitter