“I’m Allergic To Sex”—Ridiculous List Of 101 Ways To Say No To Sex Goes Viral On Twitter

No means no, and that should be all you have to say to not have sex. Apparently, that’s not enough for some. I don’t want to entirely make fun of all the people who need excuses, because they’re probably mostly young or feeling vulnerable. But whoever made this list of “101 Ways to Say No to Sex” was really reaching for excuses.

A picture of the list of 101 Ways to Say No to Sex was shared by Twitter user @ROSNALJU and while I haven’t been able to find the origin of the pamphlet it seems pretty similar to those made by abstinence-only education programs. That might explain why some of these excuses are so stupid?

For example, @ROSNALJU says they’re number 17, or “I have a sunburn.” Not a bad reason to not have sex, but a little harder to fake.

After this one section of the list started circulating, Twitter user @Heres_Gianny replied saying they “found” the rest of the list. Perhaps in their own drawer:


Here are some of the best ones, if you need them. Or even if you don’t.

“I’ll let you know later.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Rub my back instead.”

“I know your reputation!”

“I’m allergic to sex.”

“Sex can be more trouble than it’s worth.”

“I don’t like kids.”

“I just got my hair done.”

“I’d rather watch the game.”

“Go away.”

“My favorite show’s on now.”

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Ask me again in five years.”

“Let’s ask my parents”

The last nine are cut off, which is really a shame, because I would enjoy some sort of 101 days of getting out of sex challenge. Except I’ve already done it and it’s called quarantine.

Anyway, people are still enjoying finding the excuse they identify with the most:

Why aren’t YOU having sex today? Besides coronavirus?

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