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Mom Shares $9 Paycheck For 70 Hours Of As A Waitress — Debate Erupts

While the one percent (and many others) have it easy, the rest of us are at the grindstone, trying to make ends meet. Consider this woman who shared her earnings on TikTok. In the video, she shows that she’s worked 70 + hours in one week as a service worker, only to make under $10 in a paycheck.

While she mentioned that did earn tips on top of that, she showed how taxes completely drain you of any earnings — reiterating just how important tips are for service workerss.

TikToker and Austin native Aaliyah Cortez shares in a video, her gross hours coming in at 70.80 for the pay period…

But after taxes, only getting paid $9.28


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And, yes, it’s normal and legal for people to make just about $2.13 per hour.

In fact, according to the Department of Labor, many, many people throughout the United States are paid just $2.13 per hour before tips. It’s a scary reality that shows just how hard it is for people to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps.”

Obviously, people were quick to comment. And not everyone had nice things to say. Some were quick to denounce the idea of making $2.13 per hour, while others pointed out that service workers are paid less because they are expected to make more than minimum wage once tips are taken into consideration.

She strategically placed her finger on them cash tips that said 700+, which I know plenty of people who don’t make that in two weeks. Yes we should tip… But sis should’ve been truthful, the reason they took so much is because you made over 850+ total.
— Jerome Trammel (@JeromeTrammelTV)

This person asked a GOOD question:

The answer? Tipped employees make WAY less than minimum wage (which is paltry):

And while it’s easy to say that a person shouldn’t take a certain job, not everyone has the privilege of being very choosey.

Of course, the retorts were on point:

One Twitter user pointed out how much she made in tips ($700) in a 70-hour workweek. That comes down to $10 per hour, working 30 more hours than the normal person. That’s still pretty rough.

And this, of course, is an entirely separate conversation altogether. One that the service workers shouldn’t have to solve.

In the end, we need to stop fighting each other and start pressuring employers and the government to offer liveable wages. Poverty is real. And judging people for taking a low-paying job will never fix the system. 

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