These Plants Are Nearly Impossible To Kill, According To A Viral Twitter Thread (19 Tweets)

Plants are such a comfort in these times. They’re a living thing that grows and doesn’t talk back when you complain to it. Taking care of plants can also be a soothing thing to do with your hands that gets them so dirty you can’t pick up your phone as easily for a little while. That’s all good for your mental health. Unfortunately, many of us are set up for failure when it comes to plants, because we were never taught to properly care for them. Watching a plant slowly die is the opposite of self-care.

Twitter user batonthemoon wanted to help the general public understand that sometimes the only thing standing between you and a healthy oxygenating plant is having the right amount of light for them.

Not all plants need full sun to survive. In fact, many of them prefer the shadows or filtered light or almost none at all. These plants can still do all the good stuff, like cleaning the air and giving you something to focus on besides impending doom.

“Plants give so much life and healthy air quality to your bedroom and if you’ve been discouraged from getting plants because your room doesn’t get plenty of sunlight, here are some plants that will grow in a window-less room,” they wrote.

Then they shared a list of amazing plants that don’t need the sun to thrive.

Chinese Evergreen Plant:


Peace Lily:


Pothos Plant:

Snake Plant:

ZZ Plant:

Climbing Fig:

All great candidates for low-light rooms, though she added that these plants are not good for TOTAL DARKNESS because they’re not bats:

A few people jumped in with a couple more suggestions:

Bring a plant into your life today!

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