Pixar’s Female Character Body Proportions Are Coming Under Fire After A Viral Tweet

Anyone familiar with the Disney/Pixar animation character construction knows how to recognize their work.

Big eyes, luscious hair, and if they’re a woman, an absolutely enormous ass.

It’s such a trope of the characters that it has become a running joke on Twitter:

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. A big ass is great! If you’ve got one, god bless. But it remains true that Disney films are some of the most popular media for young people, and having the same body type shown again and again can start to have an affect on the kids watching. Especially when the proportions seem to be getting more extreme.

A Twitter user named @Glitch_plantbro tweeted about a short animated film from Disney called Inner Workings. It was released in 2016, and the main character named Paul falls in love with a woman named Kate. And, unsurprisingly, Kate has a giant ass and a terrifyingly small waist by comparison.

“In no world did Pixar need to do this,” Glitch tweeted, confusing the designers of Kate. He was corrected in the comments.

Glitch seems very into Kate and isn’t complaining. A lot of people in the comments were so enthusiastic about the images that it went super viral—People love a big butt:


As the tweet spread, more people saw it and started to complain about how this is an image of a woman with no organs and that Kate’s figure might be desirable in theory— but no one can actually look like that:

Maybe there are women out there who look exactly like Kate, and it feels great to see that body type in a movie. It probably also feels great to see this tweet, because there are thousands of people asking Kate to slide into their DMs.

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