Couples Are Having Some Dumb, Petty Fights In Lockdown (26 Tweets)

It’s month four (or so) of lockdown in many parts of the U.S. and tempers are running high. All sorts of emotions are running high, really, but anger feels safer to express than hysterical fear, so that’s what’s happening. People who live alone are screaming at the dog. If they don’t have a dog, they’re screaming at a sack of potatoes they’ve dressed up in human clothes. People in relationships or with roommates have those folks to scream at and they’re doing it. A lot.

Podcaster Erin Gloria Ryan asked her many followers what the dumbest fight that people who are cohabiting have gotten into since being trapped together:

She shared an example of an argument over tortillas that she has with her fiancé:

If you’re not screaming at someone about unmade burritos, are you even in lockdown? The responses are pretty hilarious, even if the arguments weren’t at the time. Let’s all try to have a little more patience with each other in this difficult time. Because otherwise there will be a record number of divorces when the courthouses reopen.











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