Viral Tweets Are Making Fun Of This “Giant Baby” And His Mom Isn’t Happy About It

It’s April 2020, and we are trapped inside due to a global pandemic. There’s a lot about the current reality that’s hard to explain, but is anything as difficult to make sense of than the hatred and disgust directed at this giant baby?

The baby is the child of TikTok user @kat.027, who probably didn’t know that their child would become a Twitter sensation in the worst way when they started posting video clips of their daily life on TikTok. The most famous one is of the baby jumping on an adult’s stomach in a diaper. And yes, it looks enormous. Twitter user @DuckAlertsNOW shared the TikTok with the caption, “Is anyone else just absolutely REPULSED by this giant baby.”

Okay, according to Insider, the baby—named “Gav”—is not a baby. He’s a three-year-old toddler, who has an unfortunate haircut and is wearing a diaper for some reason. His baby-ness is kind of an optical illusion, one I will admit is a bit unsettling. Birthing a baby that big would be terrible. It seems unlikely that an actual infant would be so aware and able to hold up its own head like that.

Gav’s mom, responding to a TikTok comment on a video of her son playing with some blinds, explained that he is “a healthy 3 year old,” and that “The drs [sic] are predicting he’s going to be at least 6’3.” In another comment, she clarified: “We have tall boys in the family.”

Still, the idea of an impressively giant baby really captured people’s imaginations, inspiring more tweets than would be directed at a child in better times. Now no one has anything to do besides dunk on a toddler:

Another unfortunate side effect of this is that the baby and parents are now getting a lot of attention on TikTok, including criticism about how the baby is being parented, why he’s wearing diapers, and what exactly they’re feeding him to make him so enormous:

I can’t believe I have to write this, but leave the baby alone. He’s! A! Baby!

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