how star wars characters drink their coffee

How “Star Wars” Characters Drink Their Coffee—A Viral Thread By A Fanfiction Writer

There are a lot of questions to be asked about how the characters in Star Wars live their daily lives—for instance, I’ve always wondered how many bathrooms there are on the Death Star—but not that many answers.

Fanfiction writer and author of Archive of Our Own Violet Wilson is passing some of her quarantine hours by trying to fill in the blanks around how different characters prepare their hot morning beverage. Even far away in a distant galaxy, the best part of waking up is coffee in your cup. 

She started with Obi-Wan, explaining why he loves a French press. Hey, me too! Guess I’m more of an Ethan McGregor type than I already thought.

Maybe I’m just really open to the power of suggestion, but all of Wilson’s explanations made total sense. Making coffee or at least drinking coffee, is a daily ritual that lets us slow down before speeding waaaaayyyy up. I can totally see each one of these characters enjoying their brew in exactly the way she describes.

Kylo Ren:


Poe Dameron:

Rose Tico:

Darth Vader:


Armitage Hux:




Han Solo:



Luke Skywalker:

Ben Solo, who drinks coffee different from Kylo Ren for sure:

There were a couple of other characters that were left off the original list, but commenters supplied the truth of Yoda’s morning ritual:

And Jar Jar, who we wish could be forgotten and who never will be:

Wait. What about Ewoks? Chocolate covered espresso beans? 

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