36 Of The Most Accurate Tweets The World Has Ever Seen

Twitter is truly an amazing place.

When you peel back the layers (…and layers…and layers…) of Twitter, what we see is that it’s a place of novel ideas, handy life tips, and profound life truths.

Here are 36 of them:

36. This uber truth:

35. This weekend inevitability:

34. This coffee catastrophe:

33. This stock market observation:

32. This truly mind-blowing standard:

31. This allergy fact:

30. This Target law:

29. This dream principle:

28. This dreamy feeling:

27. This winter-loving lie:

26. This fair coffee shop blowback:

25. This shopping axiom:

24. This dude truism:

23. This workplace tip:

22. This exercise advice:

21. This ubiquitous restaurant situation:

20. This relatable desire:

19. This real world realization: