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Nobody Likes Landlords, And There’s A Reason For That… (21 Tweets)

Anyone who wasn’t struggling for the last year and a half should be rounded up by scientists and studied because everyone else is straight-up not having a good time.

In a time where most people are doing way worse than normal, landlords and landladies are showing no mercy to the residents who live in their properties and people are starting to speak out about it. Rents have been going up, the quality of buildings has been going down, and landlords seem to care even less about their tenets. 

Renters on Twitter are sharing their thoughts on how landlords have been merciless during this economic crisis and it’s hard to feel sorry for the landlords.

Here are some of the best (worst) tweets about people’s situations: 

1. You’re raising rent right now? 

2. Give her the chair! 

3. Cool?

4. What a dick. 

5. Sounds like she needs to get a job. 

6. What a prick

7. So you know the situation and choose to ignore it? 

8. How nice of him 

9. Good luck in jail 

10. That looks like their bathroom too 

11. Evil people 

12. Not a drop of decency

13. Thanks for your hard work

14. I hope the children avenge him.

15. He’s not wrong. 

16. Something isn’t adding up here.