“Masculinity Mentor” Brags About His Quarantine Accomplishments And Gets Mocked (30 Tweets)

Ryan Michler is one of those guys on Twitter who makes a living by pretending to be the absolute pinnacle of masculine achievement. His notion of what masculinity means seems to be some sort of mix of faux evolutionary science and 1990s Gillette commercials. Unfortunately, it does seem to work a little, because there are always sad people looking for someone even sadder to follow. But his social media presence still gifts us sometimes.

For instance, this tweet Michler posted about what he’s “accomplished” in the last month. He wrote:

In the past 4 weeks I’ve: Lost 11lbs, 2.5% body fat Increased revenue 23% Home gym build-out Office renovation Installed blinds/flooring Read 6 books Completed my new book outline Secured 7 killer podcast guests Appeared on 12 podcasts Hit 100,000 YouTube subscribers.


Um, hmm that is a lot to get done in a month, even if it is true! But why are we trying to get stuff done?

The replies are pretty incredible, a mix of people mocking Michler’s list and admitting that they’ve barely done anything! Because why is there pressure to do anything in these circumstances?

The best answer might be from this nurse, who is actually working hard during the pandemic:

But the rest of these are good for a laugh: