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People Are Sharing Their “Most Mundane Celebrity Encounters” And They’re Anything But (55 Tweets)

Earlier this week, Twitter user @MavenofHonor did everyone a solid and tweeted, “Now, more than ever, we should share our most mundane celebrity encounters.” She included her own example: “For example, in 2002 I saw Diane Keaton in the Gap.”

While Mave’s story may indeed have been mundane because that was the entire point of her tweet and the roundup, nearly every response was from someone who actually had a pretty exciting or at least surreal celebrity encounter. What’s even more exciting is that some of these celebrities responded to random strangers’ tweets about these encounters, and one of these celebrities was Seth Rogen, who wrote: “I’m in a shocking amount of these” and then shared his own mundane celebrity encounter: “Also I once saw Magic Johnson at a Cold Stone creamery.”

I guess Rogen’s encounter could be called “mundane” too (though not to me), because it certainly isn’t as exciting as getting a selfie with a pre-POTUS Barack Obama, or having Shaq fawn over your baby, or walking in on Meatloaf in a…very inappropriate situation at a Bubba Gump Shrimp. And to bring it full circle, Diane Keaton is in a surprising amount of these as well.









I sat next to @IanMcKellen on the Tube one night. I didn’t clock it was him b/c I was admiring his sharp attire w/ cool socks 🧦that didn’t match. My brother leaned over & whispered in my ear “Gandalf” 🧙‍♂️I sat in silent awe of his superb style & didn’t bother him rest of the trip.

— Beth Elzer (@macbethdc)