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Netflix With The Subtitles On Or Off? A Twitter Thread Has Erupted Into A Civil War

As the world hurtles from one disaster to the next it’s easy to get caught up in vital big-picture issues like political upheavals and climate change.

So it’s inspiring to see that some people out there are still making time for minutiae and arguing passionately about things that absolutely don’t matter at all. The latest such totally insignificant but passionately contested division to bubble up online? Netflix subtitles. Are they good? Are they bad?

You know what they say about opinions and assh*les: everyone’s got one and most of them stink.

The controversy was kicked off by a viral tweet from Twitter user @ulovemee who implored others to imagine the pain of falling for a subtitle user.

Team Subtitle hit back HARD.

People had many different reasons why they like subtitles and were confused by the hate.

Though it probably wasn’t the original poster’s intent the tweet could also be read as “imagine falling in love with a deaf person” and some did not take kindly to that interpretation.

Others simply wondered why anyone cares how other people like to watch their TV shows:

In the end, there was no controversy at all….people really like subtitles. Long may those helpful, illuminating little lines of text reign.

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