Woman Shares The, Umm, Awkward Encounter Her Mom Had With OJ Simpson At Costco (4 Pics)

What do Coronavirus and life in prison have in common? OJ Simpson hasn’t gotten either!

Ok sorry, not the best joke, but according to this story shared by Twitter user @hollandcourtney, it works.

Apparently Courtney’s mom got a little more than a 144-pack of paper towels during her last Costco run. Namely, a run-in with Hall of Fame double-murderer Orenthal James Simpson!

I’ll let you avail yourself of the cringe and hilarity.

The story begins:

Naturally, given that it was shared on the Internet, there’s a very good chance it’s BS, but something about this actually feels true. Or at least only mildly embellished.

I mean, Courtney’s mom has a pic of him in the SARS mask, which tends to suggest it’s anchored in reality. Oh well, pretty funny either way.

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