The Smartest Packing And Moving Hacks, From People Who’ve Moved A Lot (23 Tips)

Moving is amongst one of the most hellish experiences that many of us go through year after year. Few millennials own a home and most of us are moving from spot to spot, hoping we can hang our hats for longer than 12 months. As stressful as moving is, we must do it, so we might as well find the best packing hack available to streamline the process.

YouTuber and influencer Shameless Maya asked her many followers for packing hacks and tips that would get her through the moving process. She’s moving Sunday, which is pretty close, so I hope these responses helped. There sure were a lot of them (to distract her from packing).

She also added that she’s using stackable and reusable bins and anything eco-friendly was welcome.

Many of the ideas below recommend using what you already have to get your packing done, but they’re all good hacks whether you care about the sustainability of your project or not. You may not be moving this weekend, but bookmark these ideas for the next time you do. Because you will.

best moving hack

Here are the smartest and best packing hacks from people who know the drill:

1. Grab some bags at Ikea

2. Color-code your boxes with tape for ease of delivery

3. Get that deposit back with an exit video

4. Protect your clothes with sheets

5. Set up your bed wherever you’re landing immediately

6. Keep the special stuff by your side

7. Use what you already have as packing material and space

8. Start accumulating boxes everywhere early

9. Don’t judge yourself (always good advice)

10. Remember the shower curtain or you will forget